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Working from home, tax relief.

Lots of people are still not claiming tax relief from working from home. Through the working from home allowance 2022/23, the HMRC offers compensation, in the form of tax relief, for the costs associated with remote employment. You know, all the extra gas and electric bills associated with running a home office, for example.

Effectively, the government reimburses the cost in the form of a tax credit for working from home.

The money is taken off your current tax bill that’s paid every month, meaning that you’ll keep slightly more of your salary. But if you wait to claim until the end of the tax year, you may receive a straight-up refund in the form of a cheque.

HMRC are currently backdating their tax relief up to 4 years!

Here’s how to claim working from home tax relief 2022/23:

  1. Check you are eligible by answering the questions on the government portal

  2. Create a government gateway ID. To do this, you’ll need your national insurance number, alongside one of the following: recent pay slip, P60 or passport

  3. After signing in, select the date that you began working from home (note that you can put a date from a previous year and receive the tax relief together)

  4. Simply wait for your cheque to arrive from the HMRC

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